Breathease Blog #4 – Supporting Asthma UK to “Beat the wheeze”

Those of you who have been following the breathease journey from the start will know our close link and support from our friends at Asthma UK.  We wanted to dedicate this blog to them and support one of their causes and so we’re here focusing  on children and educating them to “beat the wheeze”. Those of you with little ones and particularly those with asthma will be used to worrying […]

Blog #3

Two months in now and breathease has made a confident start on its journey into the marketplace. Following a successful first promotion and feature in The Autumn Clean event in Tesco, to date breathease has sold over 20,000 bottles despite being in just an average of 200 stores! On that note we apologies to those of you who have been telling us your local Tesco Extra isn’t one of the […]