Natural can be a no, no…. if you’ve got asthma!

It is a common misconception that if you struggle with household cleaning products due to their overpowering fragrances, that the solution for you is natural.  It isn’t.  Natural fragrance is commonly the worst offender believe it or not! What you also may not know is that what legally needs to be claimed on household cleaners packaging is not the same as a list of all ingredients (or specifically allergens if […]

Breathease on Deal!

In support of World Asthma Awareness Day and in support of our supporters, Asthma UK, Beathease is delighted to report to its fans that an exclusive Tesco promotion has been confirmed for next week lasting 6 weeks! Breathease will be available for just £2 a bottle so make sure you stock up! As always you can check whether your local store stocks the range here or you can buy online […]