Breathease Blog #4 – Supporting Asthma UK to “Beat the wheeze”

Those of you who have been following the breathease journey from the start will know our close link and support from our friends at Asthma UK.

 We wanted to dedicate this blog to them and support one of their causes and so we’re here focusing  on children and educating them to “beat the wheeze”.

Those of you with little ones and particularly those with asthma will be used to worrying about them nearly all day, every day.  You send them off to school and pretty much hope for the best.  If asthma affects them you are no doubt doubly worried about what may face them that day.

Reminding your child to take their brown inhaler on a daily basis can leave you feeling a bit like a nag.  It’s the last thing you want to be called, you’re just looking out for them!  You know it’s important.  They just need to understand why.  “Prevention is the best form of defence” you hear yourself saying.  This is true.   Making lungs less sensitive to your child’s asthma triggers is what’s going to reduce the chances of an attack.  But with 14 days to take effect your child can’t afford to stop taking it!  Reducing exposure to other triggers such as dust and airborne allergens is also important, so trying breathease to clean all areas of your home is a new way you can help make a difference.

Asthma UK have a fun little game on their facebook page which will get kids talking about their asthma and if they’re talking beat the wheezeabout it you can engage with them and reminding them won’t become such a ‘nag’ for them!

If you’re new to the world of asthma, perhaps your child has just been diagnosed, then the Asthma UK website is the place for all the information you need.  This page gives you an easy reference guide to possible triggers of yours or your child’s asthma.  Once you know what those triggers are, you are better equipped to start reducing your exposure to them thus reducing your chances of an attack. 

Also, as part of Asthma UK’s bid to reduce hospital admissions of asthma you can also take their Triple A test to check your chances of having an attack and get advice on how to reduce those chances.

We think Asthma UK do a pretty darn good job and supporting people with asthma throughout the UK which is why they are the UK’s leading charity on the subject.  So be sure to check out their resources and utilise their support!

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