Case Study – Chris

The below case study is from one of our panel member’s experiences with breathease during our user trial testing of the product… 

Chris is the only person in his family to have suffered with asthma and allergies. He has been battling the condition for many years leading to a recent 6-month hospitalisation for his symptoms. The effects of his severe condition hampers one of Chris’s greatest passions; running. Having completed 6 London marathons, amongst many other races, last year Chris was told he would never run again. This was obviously devastating news for the man who once held the record for fastest marathon dressed as a board game.

Chris can suffer symptoms from a wide range of stimuli including grass, pollen, domestic products and surfaces that haven’t been cleaned properly, with many still unknown triggers for which he is undergoing testing. He describes this process as ‘trial and error’ with the disease as he attempts to overcome the dilapidating effects. However, Chris is determined not to let his asthma and allergies win.

Against others’ doubts, Chris has begun running again. He has changed his pattern to road-running in the early mornings and evenings to minimise the asthmatic effects of plants, and is now in training for the Great North Marathon. He will be running on behalf of Asthma UK dressed as Father Christmas!

Chris currently works as a customer service agent and was keen to trial breathease due to certain issues with bathroom cleaning. If a shower and bath haven’t been cleaned with the correct product he suffers almost instantaneous rashes and struggles to breathe.

Chris was delighted with the lack of effects caused by using the breathease products. He suffered no reactions and loved the smell of the cleaner! He can’t wait to buy more, noting how great it is for a manufacturer to work with recognised charities such as Asthma UK, ensuring they test and consider the needs of asthma and allergy sufferers.

“One spray of breathease changed my life. I no longer have a rash, nor are my allergies being sparked off by using this product… I’m moving house soon so I need a year’s supply!”   Chris

Chris Quelch

Chris Quelch