case study – Debbie

 The below case study is from one of our panel member’s experiences with breathease during our user trial testing of the product…

Debbie has been suffering with Dermatitis for many years, and her son developed very severe asthma from an early age.

Both Debbie and her son suffer with aggravation from cleaning products. Debbie’s hands become very irritated, causing a lot of discomfort, whilst cleaning the house and hoovering (with its disturbance of dust) can effect her son’s chest. The severity of these reactions has unfortunately led to hospitalisation in the past and Debbie’s son uses nebulisers to improve his symptoms.

In order to minimise irritation, Debbie ensures she uses gloves whenever cleaning, however it is more difficult for her son. To avoid aggravation, Debbie must clean when he is out of the room – either at school or late at night when he is asleep.

As a nursery nurse, cleaning is an integral part of Debbie’s work-life, meaning she suffers skin irritation both at work and at home, where she must first clean with a normal household product before washing away the fragrance afterwards!

All-in-all Debbie spends a lot of time cleaning and admits that she was very cautious at first to try the breathease products, however was delighted that they did not irritate her hands at all.

Encouraged by her own lack of suffering, she began to use breathease around her home and was amazed at the result – her son suffered no reactions at all. Ordinarily, Debbie states she wouldn’t have bought the spray, but she will definitely be purchasing breathease over other products in the future.


“I was absolutely amazed breathease had no effect on him whatsoever… I could sit down and watch TV instead of having to go off and clean”


Debbie Kelly

Debbie Kelly