Case Study – Graeme

The below case study is from one of our panel member’s experiences with breathease during our user trial testing of the product…

Since he was seven, Graeme has suffered from asthma and is part of a string of family members who are also affected. Graeme’s mum, uncle and aunt all have asthma, and Graeme is concerned that this heritage will pass to his five children.

Graeme remembers the struggle of having asthma as a child. This was most challenging at school and when playing sports, leaving him constantly out of breath, with everything seeming to trigger a reaction. Dust and chemicals are two of the worst allergens for Graeme’s asthma, alongside hayfever, which creates painful wheezing.

As an adult, Graeme has learnt to deal with his allergies but admits that some days it can get too much. Two years ago he took up cycling that has helped settle his asthma with the last serious asthmatic attack occurring three years ago. He attributes this in part to the fresh air gained when cycling and expanding his lung capacity.

As a result, in August this year, Graeme is cycling in the Prudential Ride 100 to raise money for Asthma UK as a cause very close to him.

In his day-to-day life, Graeme works in a warehouse selling building products – an environment which can create excess dust and severely trigger his condition making work difficult at times.

At home, Graeme will often avoid chemical cleaners or have to leave the house entirely as the fumes severely affect his asthma. As such, he was very keen to trial the breathease bathroom spray.

Graeme was exceptionally impressed with the breathease, as the asthma and ‘allergy friendly fragrance’ didn’t trigger his sensitivities, joking that he no longer has an excuse not to help his wife with the household cleaning!

“My wife does the most of the cleaning as the fumes do get a bit unbearing with a lot of the products we buy. I was really  impressed with breathease as it didn’t affect my breathing ability. Now I can  help with the cleaning which I’m sure my wife is pleased about!” 


Graeme Cooper

Breathease case study