Case study – Joanne

Joanne was diagnosed with severe asthma and rhinitis when she was 14. More than 20 years later, Joanne is still affected by the illness, sometimes having to take considerable time off work during a flare up and visit A&E for nebulisers.

At secondary school Joanne was constantly breathless and wheezing, which was exacerbated by sports and the school environment. Both of her grandfathers were asthma sufferers, and her sister was also affected from  the age of 21 until she became pregnant.

Joanne has to be very careful in her day-to-day life to keep her asthma at bay. She will often get chest infections that flare up her asthma, and provide great discomfort. To control her asthma she takes 10mg Montelukast daily, and notices a big difference in her lung capacity when she doesn’t take it.

Joanne is used to avoiding all types of situations and products that may trigger a reaction, namely scented candles, air fresheners and chemical household cleaners.

As a nanny for three young children, Joanne must be careful to maintain a clean environment. The family who Joanne works for use a range of plant-based chemical cleaners that provide some relief to Joanne’s asthma, however she still has to be wary of her exposure to these.

In her trial of breathease, Joanne used both the bathroom spray and shower & tile cleaners. Immediately, she noticed that the product didn’t trigger her asthma, despite it’s wide dispersal and fragrance that are both usually key initiators of a reaction.

“As a long-term severe sufferer, I am relieved to have found a product that smells great but doesn’t irritate my asthma or rhinitis at all. The bathroom cleaner left the sink and bath especially shiny!”


Joanne Huggett

Jo Huggett