Case study – Mathew

The below case study is from one of our panel member’s experiences with breathease during our user trial testing of the product…

Mathew was diagnosed with asthma at the age of one and although his condition has improved since then, he still suffers quite severely with certain symptoms. Pollen, household products and deodorants or perfumes can trigger Mathew’s wheezing and sickness to a debilitating level.

As a chef, Mathew comes into contact with cleaning products daily and his team has to be very aware which products they use on the surfaces to avoid any irritation. A change in product last summer, alongside pollen aggravation led to Mathew being hospitalised for nearly 2 weeks.

In an attempt to avoid such effects, Mathew tries to steer clear of any aggravating stimuli, such as certain cleaning products, and has a robust technique of self-medication. In addition to an inhaler, Mathew currently has 2 injections a year, a specialist tablet and hayfever tablets.

Despite such measures of prevention, Mathew is determined not to let the condition effect his life, stating; “I was taught from a young age not to let the condition control you – it’s the other way round!”.

Embarking on a new career as a healthcare adviser, cleanliness will continue to play a large part in Mathew’s work life as well as at home. He was extremely impressed with the breathease Kitchen Cleaner, suffering no reactions to the spray. He particularly liked the fragrance of the product, claiming that it doesn’t smell fake like many other household cleaners but far more natural. Mathew will definitely be buying breathease over his normal products in the future!

 “It’s something I would use without even thinking about, instead of saying, hang on will it be alright? breathease is easy to use and effective with respiratory problems”


Matthew Allwright