It can make all the difference to Asthma!

  Our Asthma and Allergy friendly cleaners have been proven by you! Yes, that’s right!  During development,  panelists (who volunteered through the Asthma UK facebook page) tried and tested these products to ensure they did what they say on the bottle! We asked Asthma UK to help us recruit Asthma and Allergy sufferers who were keen to put this product and these big claims to the test!  126 people took […]

Pollen in the air

In this blog we look a little more at how you can take additional precautions in your home to improve air quality and eliminate dust mites as best as you can.  These are important if you know these factors are triggers for your asthma and/or allergies Improving Indoor Air Maintaining good indoor air quality in your home is an important aspect of asthma management. Irritants such as tobacco, wood fires, […]