Asthma UK gets a change in the law

Thanks to Asthma UK, after almost 4 years of campaigning, the law is changing to keep children with asthma safe at school. Asthma UK have reported that from 1 October, children will have access to a spare emergency inhaler at school.  This is huge news and a massive relief for parents of children with asthma! Amazingly previous legislation meant it was illegal for schools to have a spare emergency inhaler, […]

Breathease multi-purpose is award-winning!

Breathease Celebrates an awards WIN! You may recall us telling you that Breathease Multi-pupose cleaner had been shortlisted for an award by LovedbyParents?  Well, we are delighted to report that our Breathease product WON the Silver Award in the category of Best Cleaner, coming only second place to Persil Washing up liquid and beating Oven Pride! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those of you who voted […]

breathease infographic

  If you’ve tried and loved breathease spread the word.  If you’ve not then be sure to pick up a bottle soon! Breathease Asthma and Allergy friendly cleaners are available in larger Tesco stores and on

Britmums Live 2014

            BritMums Live! is the UK’s biggest social media conference and blogger event.  It will be where our sponsored blogger “Mum of 3 boys“, Rebecca, will be meeting with other lifestyle bloggers and social influencers, to socialise, network, fire her creativity and share the good word of breathease Asthma and Allergy friendly cleaners! We wanted to dedicate this blog to Rebecca and wish her all […]

Help breathease get the recognition it deserves!

Yes, you really can help make all the difference!  Breathease has been shortlisted for Lovedbyparents Best Cleaning Product Award! So, we really need your help to ensure we WIN!   You can vote 3 times for various categories but the one we ask you to you is for the HOME Category and the Best Cleaning Product sub category.  Please then type Breathease! All you need to do is click to […]

Natural can be a no, no…. if you’ve got asthma!

It is a common misconception that if you struggle with household cleaning products due to their overpowering fragrances, that the solution for you is natural.  It isn’t.  Natural fragrance is commonly the worst offender believe it or not! What you also may not know is that what legally needs to be claimed on household cleaners packaging is not the same as a list of all ingredients (or specifically allergens if […]

Breathease on Deal!

In support of World Asthma Awareness Day and in support of our supporters, Asthma UK, Beathease is delighted to report to its fans that an exclusive Tesco promotion has been confirmed for next week lasting 6 weeks! Breathease will be available for just £2 a bottle so make sure you stock up! As always you can check whether your local store stocks the range here or you can buy online […]

Spring is in the air

This weekend saw temperatures at their warmest since 8 October last year and after the wettest winter on record it’s about time too! The first sun of the year does tend to do funny things to us.  It releases in us the need to clean, freshen and get ready for summer.  This applies to our homes as well as our gardens and wardrobes too often get a cleanse prior to […]

Breathease Blog #4 – Supporting Asthma UK to “Beat the wheeze”

Those of you who have been following the breathease journey from the start will know our close link and support from our friends at Asthma UK.  We wanted to dedicate this blog to them and support one of their causes and so we’re here focusing  on children and educating them to “beat the wheeze”. Those of you with little ones and particularly those with asthma will be used to worrying […]

Blog #3

Two months in now and breathease has made a confident start on its journey into the marketplace. Following a successful first promotion and feature in The Autumn Clean event in Tesco, to date breathease has sold over 20,000 bottles despite being in just an average of 200 stores! On that note we apologies to those of you who have been telling us your local Tesco Extra isn’t one of the […]