It can make all the difference to Asthma!

Breathease Range


Our Asthma and Allergy friendly cleaners have been proven by you!

Yes, that’s right!  During development,  panelists (who volunteered through the Asthma UK facebook page) tried and tested these products to ensure they did what they say on the bottle!

We asked Asthma UK to help us recruit Asthma and Allergy sufferers who were keen to put this product and these big claims to the test!  126 people took up the challenge to try our the products and were asked to compare them to their usual cleaner.  Panelists were asked how the product rated for performance, fragrance and most importantly respiratory effects versus their usual cleaning product.  The results were music to our ears.  After all our hard work in the lab, we had confirmation that we had created a product that not only cleaned great but smelled fresh and didn’t cause respiratory issues!

But to be doubly sure that our product cleaned as well as the leading brand we had to take one step further!

So we carried out blind user trials (on non asthma/allergy sufferers because we didn’t want them using something that could cause them problems) on a leading brand of cleaner versus Breathease. And the results?  Well, what did you expect?  Excellent or equal to cleaning power versus the branded product whilst ALSO being Asthma and Allergy friendly.

And so that’s how we came to confidently launch a range of cleaners that stands out in the household category and asks you to give it a chance.

Change the way you clean forever – we’re confident that once you’ve tried, you’ll find no reason to go back!

But let us know what you think, won’t you!….

Awards for Breathease

Loved by Parents Silver-Award-breathease multi-purpose Bizzie Baby Silver Award for Breathease Window Cleaner

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