Natural can be a no, no…. if you’ve got asthma!


It is a common misconception that if you struggle with household cleaning products due to their overpowering fragrances, that the solution for you is natural.  It isn’t.  Natural fragrance is commonly the worst offender believe it or not!

What you also may not know is that what legally needs to be claimed on household cleaners packaging is not the same as a list of all ingredients (or specifically allergens if that’s what you look out for being a sufferer).   This is crucial.  For instance, you may know your sensitivities are triggered by Limonene.  Now,  as an example, say a product just uses natural Limonene fragrance but  also claims “allergen free”, it can legally do this if the level of Limonene used falls below the declaration level.  Legally it would not need to say it on pack!  This could mean danger for you.  You think you are being smart in using an “allergen free” product but you’ve suffered nonetheless.

That’s where breathease is different.  We haven’t just made a product which has allergens below the legally declarable level.  We’ve actually developed (and tested) a product which contains NO allergens at levels ever recorded to trigger reactions for those with asthma or allergies.

That makes us pretty unique and something we’re hugely proud of.

What we’re also proud of is that after going to great lengths in development and testing we’ve created a product that smells great.  We felt that just because people are sensitive to fragrance doesn’t mean they should go without having their homes smelling clean and fresh.

So whether you suffer with either asthma or allergies, or like many, just hate the over powering fragrances AND nasty chemicals BUT STILL (as you should) expect a fantastic clean, then look no further than Breathease.

AND, the range is currently on offer in Tesco and at so you can grab yourself a bottle and try it out today for just £2 for a limited time only.  We reckon you’ll be hooked like so many others whose cleaning challenges just got a whole load easier, and healthier!



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