Our Accreditation – ‘asthma and allergy friendly’ cleaning

accreditation and support for breathease



The Asthma & Allergy friendly mark is supported by Asthma UK to provide world class, gold standard protection against indoor allergens and irritants. Every product that carries the mark has been independently scientifically tested and proven to be suitable for people that suffer from asthma and related allergic sensitivities.

supported by asthma UK



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Asthma UK is the leading asthma charity and aims to support people with asthma when they need it the most and funds research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure. Asthma UK’s goal is to prevent asthma attacks, especially those that result in death and emergency hospitalisation. They are working to make this happen through world-leading research, award-winning information and services, and life-changing campaigns. For more information about asthma please visit www.asthma.org.uk

As many modern household cleaning products contain chemicals that irritate the lungs when inhaled, Asthma UK is proud to be working in partnership with this new cleaning range that has been designed with people with asthma and allergies in mind. David Hiles, Head of Health Promotion at Asthma UK, comments: “We welcome any product that has gone through breathease’s level of rigorous testing and helps people with asthma in the UK. Cleaning products are a common trigger for asthma symptoms and with more than 200 people being admitted to hospital every day with asthma attacks, we’re doing all we can to help people reduce their risk of an attack’.