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our breathease blog aims to keep you updated with all things breathease, our research, our developments our activity and most importantly where you can buy breathease.

keep coming back for the latest information and offers on breathease and to participate in future research and development for the brand.  Just sign up to stay informed and we’ll be sure to contact you to see if you would like to be a brand advocate.

at breathease we’re extremely excited to be bringing to market this breakthrough range of products.  breathease is the uk’s first range of asthma and allergy friendly cleaners.  we can’t quite believe with a massive 5.4 million people suffering with asthma and 21 million with allergies that no-one has done it before!

at breathease we care.  we care about you and your family.  we care that cleaning can often trigger your asthma and allergies and we’re delighted to be the first ever to bring you a range of products that aims to deliver effective cleaning for your home without triggering your sensitivities.

at the start of our project we asked followers of asthma uk’s facebook page what they thought about the concept.  it was important for us to undestand whether our concept was going to make a difference to people’s lives.  the response was overwhelming.  so many people were crying out for a product like this.  so many people’s breathing issues were triggered as a result of doing their household cleaning.  our questions were answered.  you wanted this product, neh, you needed this product!

so, after months of developing formulations and fragrances and months of testing and more testing with accreditation body allergy standards we finally arrived at a formulation we thought was up to the job.  our next task was to set about testing it.  breathease was then tested on a panel again recruited on asthma uk’s facebook page and the results analysed.  it was a success! but to be sure that it was also as good as the leading brand when it comes to cleaning function we also conducted a further blind test (on non asthma and allergy sufferers becuase we didn’t want to exacerbate any sensitivities) and these results were also great. breathease works as well as the leading brand of household cleaners but is much much less likely to cause an allergenic reaction.

so after what totals nearly two years of development breathease is almost ready to launch.  breathease has given exclusivity of the brand for its launch to tesco and the range will be launching nationwide in the uk in larger tesco stores from 12th August 2013.  if you can’t find it in your local store be sure to tell customer services that you want it and then we can widen our distribution to bring it to one and all.

we hope you enjoy using breathease and your lives are improved as a result.  please do get in touch and let us know your thoughts by adding your comments below.  we will continue to develop and improve our products and grow our range but we need to know what you think and what products you would like to see in the range.

if you’d like to work with us and be part of our product review panel please sign up here and remember to like us on facebook to keep up with the latest news and developments.

thank you for your time and interest in our work.  its a priviledge to be bringing such a revolutionary and needed range of products to market which seeks to help improve the lives of millions.

until next time, safer cleaning!

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breathease asthma and allergy friendly cleaners

the breathease range of asthma and allergy friendly cleaners

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