Our Story – the UK’s first asthma and allergy friendly cleaners

behind the brand

breathease asthma and allergy friendly cleaners have been developed by solent international.

We are a uk based entrepenurial company who puts insights from customers at the forefront of innovation and development. we listen to what people tell us delivering to the market products which are valued and desired. breathease encompasses all of this. solent have worked with airmid healthgroup to achieve product accreditation by allergy standards and as such can bare the mark “asthma and allergy friendly”. this accreditation can only be earned through the independent testing and certification procedure, unlike other endorsements which may not have such demanding threshold and performance criteria or are supported only by in-house test data.

about breathease

breathease has been developed to meet market need. 5.4 million people in the UK suffer with asthma and 21 million with an allergy.

thats nearly one in every other household that suffers!  standard household cleaners are potentially full of allergens. _0002_Layer-3even “allergen free” formulations may still contain many ingredients that are allergenic making them difficult for people with asthma and allergies to use safely.

we’ve talked to asthma and allergy sufferers and understood from them what areas of cleaning cause them issues and how they are affected. In this research a massive 96% of people told us that household cleaners trigger their asthma and/or allergies.  breathease meets asthma and allergy sufferers needs without compromising…

…providing the cleaning you’d expect, with a fragrance you’ll love  without the respiratory or allergenic side affects! phew!  at last!