We are dedicated to creating premium gummies that provide exceptional support for lung & sinus health.


Welcome to Breathease, where we're redefining the approach to respiratory health with our innovative and delightful supplements!

Our journey began with Brooke and Hunter Hewitt, a husband-and-wife duo who shared a common frustration: the struggle of managing seasonal allergies and respiratory discomfort. Tired of the bland and inconvenient options like pills and syrups, they envisioned a world where supporting lung and sinus health could be both pleasurable and effective.

It was during a cozy evening at home, surrounded by the comforting scents of herbal tea, that the idea for Breathease crystallized. Brooke, with her deep knowledge in health and wellness, and Hunter, an entrepreneur passionate about natural remedies, decided to combine their skills to forge a new path in health supplements. Why settle for the ordinary when they could create something extraordinary?

With dedication and a clear vision, they began crafting their unique formula at home, blending well-known herbal extracts with a modern twist. They experimented with countless recipes until they found the perfect combination: tasty, berry-flavored gummies infused with ingredients like Butterbur, Nettle Root, and Mullein Leaf, which are celebrated for their benefits to respiratory health.

The launch of Breathease's 9-in-1 Sinus & Lung Support Gummies was met with outstanding enthusiasm. Consumers were thrilled by the flavor and the convenience of the gummies, and many reported significant improvements in their daily respiratory comfort.

Today, Breathease is more than just a product. It represents a movement towards innovative and enjoyable health solutions. Our mission is to enhance your daily life with supplements that not only support your health but also delight your taste buds.

Join us as we continue to innovate and provide solutions that make a difference. With Breathease, embrace a new era where taking care of your respiratory health is a joy, not a chore.

Here's to vibrant health and effortless breathing!


Brooke & Hunter Hewitt

Co-Founders, Breathease